Do you have a story that can best be told by video? Check out these examples of how we helped brands do just that!


Edible Arrangements Mother’s Day celebration

Mother’s Day is traditionally one of the business days of the year for Edible Arrangements and we developed this video, from inception through execution, to help the brand celebrate one of life’s most amazing moments at a special place where everyday is Mother’s Day.


Allen Americans 20th anniversary player intro

Using existing footage provided by the team, BizCom created this video as the game night opening intro for players during the 10th Anniversary season of the Allen Americans professional hockey team.

Wingstop Franchise Sales Video

This video was created using existing still photography produce a video as an introduction to the the Wingstop franchise opportunity and as a marketing tool for the franchise sales team.

Even a road can be a work of art

BizCom produced this video to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how a creative Texas developer teamed with a world-class artist to turn a road into an award-winning piece of art.

Allen Americans ticket sales promotion

BizCom produced the following video to be used on social media and other channels to promote tickets sales for the Allen Americans professional hockey team.


The cisterna

When a Texas developer wanted to create an iconic centerpiece as his family farm was being turned into a conservation development, he turned to internationally-recognized sculptor Brad Goldberg. This video tells the story of how Goldeberg created a working, modern cisterna as a tribute to an old, wooden windmill that stood on the property for decades.