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Business Opportunity Series

Need more franchise sales leads? Book ‘em!

Add your brand’s name to our Franchise Business Opportunity Book Series and join an elite group of franchisors who are taking advantage of this impactful marketing tool. If you franchise has a great story to tell, we can help you tell it.



The FASTSIGNS Business Opportunity book was #1 Best Seller in the Small Business/Franchise category for more than two weeks! In addition, Amazon gave away 1,000 copies of the book in a 3-day period to interested prospects. The book generate more than 180 reviews of the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity!

Better Than Advertising!

Books, including eBooks and paperbacks, sell franchises because books are considered next to sacred. They add credibility to your sales story. If it’s in a book, it must be true!

Separate your brand from the competition.

You can’t easily do that by advertising, but you can with a book! Your own book generates new leads from people who are thinking about buying a franchise, and helps re-ignite interest among existing leads, including old leads.

How Do You Become Part Of BizCom’s Franchise Business Opportunity Series?

  1. We’re looking for established franchise companies that have an interesting story to tell.
  2. If your story meets our criteria, you will provide us with a 2,500 word manuscript that tells your brand’s story. We’ll give you guidelines for preparing the manuscript.
  3. You can include up to 3 color photographs (must be top quality). In addition, you can include your company logo.
  4. Your book will include an Introduction written by Best Selling Author Dr. John P. Hayes, the editor of this series, and the most published franchise authority worldwide. Additional generic chapters about buying a franchise will be provided by Dr. Hayes.
  5. Call Scott White at BizCom Press: 214-458-5751 for more information.

Here’s How to Produce Repeat Franchise Sales

  1. Place your company’s brand name at the top of your own book and reap the benefits!
  2. Get your own branded Franchise Business Opportunity book in both eBook and paperback formats.
  3. Benefit from the PR Buzz that surrounds the launch of your branded book. You’ll get ongoing online lead generation.
  4. Give books to your best prospects, adding to your company’s credibility.
  5. Use the book cover and promotion on your company website. Give away the eBook (immediately downloadable) from your website to interested prospects who will leave their name and contact information.
  6. You get exposure on, one of the world’s largest search engines. Reviews of your book will add credibility to your franchise business opportunity.

You get all the benefits for a low, one-time fee!
Contact Scott White at BizCom Press: 214-458-5751 for details.


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